9 Tips For Creating Your Blogger Media Kit


So, you have a blog, you're gaining followers and your reach continues to grow. Perhaps you've caught the attention of a PR representative or brand. They've emailed you and requested a media kit. If you are not familiar with it, a media kit is like your visual resume; a way to pitch your work and experience to a brand or agency. 

Essentially, your media kit should represent your brand. It should tell your story, while giving the brand or agency an idea of what they can expect by partnering with you.

Here are a few tips, from design to content, for making an awesome media kit!

1. Logo

Place your logo in a prominent place, remembering that the average person reads from left to right & top to bottom, make sure your logo is front and center. Your logo will tie everything else together from a design aspect, so build your kit around your logo.

2. Colors

I know we all have our favorite colors. However, if your branding and logo are turquoise, navy and gold, I would advise against throwing in bright reds or purples. Keep it simple. Less is more. Pick 2-3 colors. Check out Adobe Color for color schemes. You want consistency and an easy on the eyes experience.

3. Fonts

Use easy-to-read fonts. That doesn't mean everything needs to be in Arial, Times New Roman, or Helvetica. But, definitely try to stay away from extremely script-type fonts, especially for body copy. Headings work well with certain scripts, though. Also, don't overwhelm your reader with more than 3 fonts. It becomes confusing and hard to follow.

4. Website & contact information

Don't forget your website! :) And contact information is extremely important. Make sure you have all of your information present. Fun tip: if you create a PDF you can also make the hyperlinks clickable for easy emailing! 

6. About your blog

Share some pertinent information about your blog. Include your tagline, topics and categories. When did you start? Any special awards or achievements? List brands you've worked with and include their logos if your design allows for it in the space. Visuals are always great ways to draw in your audience.

7. Personal bio & headshot

Make sure to include a little bit about yourself as a writer. Is there something fun and quirky about yourself that you'd like to share? Showing your personality will help brands imagine the potential partnership even further. Include a photo of yourself in your bio, it humanizes your blog and helps them put a face to your name.

8. Statistics

Include your blog/site metrics from Google Analytics and all relevant social media. Some bloggers average out 3 months and include that so there's less updating, but many update their stats monthly on their media kits. The choice is up to you, but make sure to clarify the timeframe on your kit and let the brand/agency know that you can send screenshots should they need them.

9. Services offered

Another great thing to include on your kit are services offered and pricing – if you have a base rate for specific services. Are you an amazing copywriter? Make sure to add that in. Do you have a knack for photography or design? Include your skills. Having this information will help brands/agencies envision various options for working with you. Maybe they want a blogger that takes stellar photos, or can create printables for their clients. 


Having a media kit is all about putting yourself together and OUT THERE. Some bloggers include their kit on their websites, others have it on hand when someone inquires. 

Remember, design is subjective and can be interpreted in many ways, but let's be honest, not everyone has an eye for it. The purpose of your media kit is to convey information. If you don't have the design skills, that's okay! Focus your efforts on your blog and hire someone to help you!

Okay, so you've got all that down – now what?

Let's get started on designing! If you don't have the time, or aren't confident in your design skills, we can help! We offer custom design services for bloggers from logos, to media kits, to full branding. We even create customized printables for bloggers to share with their readers. 

*Heads up! Right now we are offering single page custom media kits for $100, normally $150. Additional pages are $25. Turn around time is approximately 1 week.  Send us a message and let's do this! 

xx Camille